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Sean A. Berridge

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Part 2 [Nov. 4th, 2012|08:42 pm]
Sean A. Berridge

Many years went by, but the Man did not stop dreaming. The crucible of his mind, unable to produce anything real, eventually toppled, spilling its contents into the atmosphere of the room. The room filled with light, brighter than the sky, and swirled towards the center until it was in the shape of a massive egg. The egg rotated slowly as it changed shape, remapping itself into a more familiar body. Soon, a child made of light stood on the floor below where the egg had hovered. With this, The Entity was born.               

There was a great scream and two beams of light shot from the eyes of The Entity, through the great window in the apartment and piercing the shrouded veil of The Vast Nothing. For a few moments, voices in the distance could be heard: lonely voices, lost voices, even loud voices. But then with a crack, the light broke from The Entity and the childish figure stood alone, his skin gleaming softly with the remnants of his eggshell.

                His skin was smooth, looking glossier than that of a person, but his body was otherwise very normal. He stood on two sturdy legs and felt his pale, curious face with his two hands. His fawn hair had sprouted from his head like feathers, and would flutter as though lighter than air whenever he turned to inspect himself. The room now had cooled from the intense reaction. The Entity explored it with his eyes, drinking in the colour from the vibrantly red armchair and the blue-black of night outside, the paleness of the white, hardwood floor and the clear translucency of the liquid in glasses around him. The geometry of the desk and chairs, beds and blankets, ceilings and window panes was also fed to him, and he paced slowly through the domicile, seeming to paint it with his glance.

                Eventually, he settled beside the Man, sitting calmly next to him on the vibrant floor. He wanted to move, wanted to leap forth into the world, but he could not without this person, that much he knew.


                Gregor slept for another year, with The Entity never leaving his side. One day, he awoke slowly and lethargically, his mind drained of the burden of unrecognized ideas. He was smiling and happy, and recognized The Entity as a part of him immediately. He decided to name the child, and he called him Raum.

                Raum stayed with the Man and followed him closely in his actions. Feeling renewed after sleeping for many years, the Man set out to share his wisdom to many. His fame only increased with his reappearance, and he was able to take part in many contemporary and on-the-cusp scientific experiments. With his great accrued wisdom, he was able to produce many breakthroughs and change much of his community for the better.

                There came a time that the Man could no longer travel about on his own, as his body was weakening. He chose then to stay at home with his child and speak with him, teaching him about the things that he had learned about the Human Race during his lifetime. Raum was always an attentive listener, and absorbed everything that was told to him. However, he was not sure if he understood it, as many things the Man and the people around him talked about sounded very strange to him. To this point, Raum had never spoken, but this had never bothered the Man. Sometimes, it bothered Raum.

                During this time in the wake of the great scientific progress, Raum spent much time watching his father sit and think. This process was again foreign to Raum, but it interested him. The Man was rich with prestige, yet sat in his tall, wide armchair and clutched his hands together on his lap and furrowed his brow, which seemed to be his neutral position. He did not think with nearly as much magnitude as he had when he was younger, but merely mused on the topics of the day that had been brought to him in the news or by those visiting him. Raum felt that this Man was at the top of the world. In this tower no one was above him, and everyone was younger than him. People came to see him for his callous white beard and wrinkled forehead which emanated great thought, and no one offered to give him advice. They only took. Raum was interested in this, and followed the actions of those around the Man.

                One day, when the Man was asleep in his chair, a man entered the room. Raum recognized this man as one of the scientists from an experiment done on the essence of sculpture some time ago. He seemed to realize that the Man was asleep, as he headed directly towards Raum, who stood still as he often did, watching him approach.

                “Hello, child,” said the man. He was a tall man with shaggy hair and some devices attached to his face. He wore a long coat that was likely in fashion due to the large numbers of people Raum had met wearing them. He chewed on a small brown tube that hung out of his mouth.

                Raum did not respond.

                “Mm,” said the man, standing up straight for a moment and adjusting something on the side of his face. He bent down again to take a closer look at The Entity.

“Are you the source of Gregor’s wisdom?” asked the man. The Entity lifted his head for a moment at the question. His skin began to glow a little brighter.

The man gripped The Entity’s wrist and turned it left and right, inspecting it. He studied the hair and face of the child-like presence, and mumbled some words to himself about what he saw.

“I wonder,” he continued, “if you would come with me.” The Entity could not decide at this point if the man was speaking to him or about him. He soon came to realize that it was likely that this man did not think that The Entity was anything but a device or tool. Something flared inside of him like an emotion, and his skin glowed a bright white.

Tksfn im fottybv ly,” said The Entity. The man stepped back, surprised but still chewing on his tube. The Entity looked down, embarrassed that his speech was unintelligible. Even he could not decipher what it had been he had tried to say.

“I see,” said the man. He stood for a moment longer, perhaps waiting for more sounds to emerge, but there was nothing but silence. “I see,” the man said again, this time reaching down and patting the hair of The Entity. “Come see me when you’re finished,” he said, and turned to leave. The Entity shuddered at his touch and his words. He had still not decided whether he was being spoken to or not.

The Man sat in his chair, his eyes closed but his brow still furrowed. Raum moved to the right side of the chair and sat as he often did, staring out through the crystalline pane into Nothing. This time, he tried to mimic the Man, crossing his arms and closing his eyes and squeezing his face, trying as hard as he could to think. He thought of only one thing: the man who had visited, and the moment when he had spoken to him. He could see through the man, as though he had no skin or his soul had no shell. He could see his emotions and his thoughts. He wanted to talk to the man as much as he had wanted to talk to him back then.

The Man had talked to him about the action of thinking and the ability to affect the thoughts of those around you. The Entity opened his mind and with it swirled the atmosphere around him, fogging the window pane with thought and making the wooden floor slick with condensation. But as he opened his eyes he realized that none of this happened, and that his thinking was not real. He was sitting like the Man but he was not like the Man, and this made Raum sad.

Raum could see the colour in everything including the light that came inexplicably from the darkness and filled the room even though there was no light in the sky. He could see the colour in the man with the shaggy hair’s breath, and the smoke from the tube in his mouth. He could see the colour of this man’s desire and feel the texture of his intelligence, but something was still missing. When Raum lifted one of his hands and looked at it deeply, he realized it was into himself that he could not see. His fingers appeared chubby and useless, and his skin bright and painful to look at. While the Man had a colourful skeleton of emotion, The Entity had paleness and fat. Raum got to his feet. The Man would rest for some time still. Raum would venture forth alone for now.


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